The Project is a solar energy generation facility targeted at meeting a significant portion (+/- 80%) of the Village of Coxsackie’s electrical energy needs.  The Village owns multiple municipal facilities to include a water treatment and wastewater treatment facility which are significant electrical users. The project involves the development of a +/- 782 kW DC solar array with associated invertors/controls and interconnection to the electrical grid. The project will be located on a 4.9-acre parcel owned by the IDA located at the intersection of Sunset Blvd and Stacy Road in the Town of Coxsackie.  The project will be built and operated by Village of Coxsackie Municipal Solar Project One, LLC (VCMSPO) which is a private solar developer with the power generated from the facility sold to the Village of Coxsackie under a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement. The IDA will provide the land for installation of the system under a ground lease and will provide developer incentives in the form of a Sales & Use Tax Exemption and a PILOT.

Statement of Findings
Public Hearing
Preliminary Resolution 0915-1 

Closing Memorandum
First Amendment to Ground Lease
Memorandum of Ground Lease Agreement, Recorded
Supplement to Ground Lease Agreement
Memorandum of Supplement to Ground Lease, Recorded
Bill of Sale to Agency
Bill of Sale to Company
Non-Foreign Entity Affidavit
Environmental Compliance and Indemnification Agreement
PILOT Agreement
412-A Application for Exemption
Sales Tax Certificate
ST-60 Form
ST-123 Form
Agreement of Recapture of Financial Assistance
Uniform Agency Project Agreement
General Certificate - Agency
Certificate Regarding No Conflicts of Interest
Disclosure Statement of Special Counsel
General Certificate - Company
Affidavit of Company Regarding Project Costs
Opinion Letter of Agency's Counsel
Opinion Letter of Company's Counsel
Title Commitment