Empire Riverfront Ventures

The Project as considered by the GCIDA is the first phase of a series of projects that will focus on the adaptive reuse of former industrial and commercial buildings on the Village of Coxsackie waterfront. When completed, the projects will have a significant impact on the community and will be transformative to the Village’s underutilized central business district. The Project considered by the GCIDA involves the adaptive reuse of a former industrial site for hospitality use.

Business Review Jan 18 2023 Article 


Public Hearing Notice
Public Hearing VIDEO
Public Hearing Minutes
Statement of Findings
SEQRA Resolution
Final Lease Resolution
Preliminary Inducement Resolution 


  1. Closing Memorandum
  2. Underlying Lease Agreement
  3. Memorandum of Underlying Lease
  4. Bill of Sale to Company
  5. Blank
  6. Memorandum of Lease Agreement
  7. Bill of Sale to Agency
  8. Non-Foreign Entity Affidavit
  9. Environmental Compliance and Indemnification Agreement
  10. Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement
  11. Application for Real Property Exemption (form 412-a)
  12. Sales Tax Exemption Letter
  13. IDA Appointment of Project Operator or Agent (ST-60)
  14. IDA Agent or Project Operator Exempt Purchase Certificate (NYS Form ST-123)
  15. Agreement on Recapture of Financial Assistance
  16. blank
  17. blank
  18. Certificate Regarding No Conflicts of Interest
  19. Special Counsel Disclosure Certificate
  20. General Certificate of the Company
  21. Affidavit of Company Regarding Project Costs
  22. Opinion of Goldman Attorneys, PLLC, counsel to the Agency
  23. Opinion of The Law Office of Joan P. Tailleur, Company's Counsel
  24. blank
  25. Mortgage Tax Affidavit
  26. Assignment of Rents
  27. Building Loan Agreement
  28. Owner's Policy of Title Insurance issued February 9, 2018
  29. Insurance Certificates